spacerAbout Me
name : Timothy Bourne
aliases : imric / lordimric
gender : Male
age : 33
location : United Kingdom
occupation : IT Manager
spacerMy Computer
operating system : Windows 10 Professional 64-bit
pc case : Coolermaster CM690 Dominator Black
power supply : Antec TruePower 650W Modular PSU
motherboard : Asus P8P67 Pro R3
processor : Intel Core i7-3770K
memory : 20GB DDR3 1600MHz CL9 (2x Corsair 2GB XMS3 & 2x Crucial 8GB Ballistix Tactical Tracer)
graphics : Sapphire Radeon RX480 NITRO+ 8GB GDDR5
sound : Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio
headset : Razer Kraken 7.1
hard disk 1 : OCZ 120GB Vertex 3 SSD
hard disk 2 : Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black 7200rpm 64MB Cache
optical media : Pioneer BDC-207DBK SATA Blu-ray Player DVD/CD Burner Combo Drive
monitor : ViewSonic XG2401 24" Full HD 144Hz 1ms
keyboard : Razer Blackwidow Ultimate
mouse : Logitech G9 Laser Mouse
gamepad : Xbox 360 Controller for Windows
internet : 80Mb/20Mb VDSL
spacerTeam Fortess 2
activity status : Inactive
current clan : None
achievements : None

past clans : GTFO Guys
spacerQuake Live
activity status : Inactive
current clan : None
achievements : None

past clans : Phobia (CA)
spacerQuake III Arena
activity status : Inactive
current clan : induce (RA3)
achievements : Champions Barrysworld RA3 League Seasons 2, 3 and 4 (induce), Champions Barrysworld RA3 Season 2 Cup (induce), Champions Clanbase RA3 European Cup Fall 2002 (induce). Playing for Team United Kingdom RA3 (2002)
config :

past clans : Reign of Terror (TDM / CTF), RiFT (RA3), Gunzoids (TDM / RA3 / CTF), Dark Republic (TDM), Team United Kingdom (RA3), Internal Life (TDM), What The Fuck! (TDM), HooDs (TDM), Demonic Core (TDM), Phobia (CPMA / CTFS).

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